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Here are a few moves, some strength training, interval workouts and treadmill tricks.

We’ve got a lot more videos to come (yes, the boys are usually in them too).

You can check out all of our videos on  STUFT mama’s YouTube channel.


Moves of the Week (MOTW)- videos


Plank Push Up (additional toddler weight optional)

Seated Oblique Twist

Plank Up and Over

Squat Kick with a Shoulder Press

Two Core Moves- Leg Hold and Plank Twist

Pendulum Lunges with Bicep Curl

Plié Squats with Tricep Extension

Reverse Lunge with One Armed Row

Side Burpie

Boat Pose

Kettlebell Squats with Overhead Press (or you could use a butternut squash like I do in this video)

Slow Jacks and Starbursts

Burpie with a Plank Jack

Push Ups with a T Stand

4 Basic Resistance Band Exercises



Strength Training


Top Six Upper Body Resistance Band Moves (video and written workout)

“Shamrocking” Shoulder Set 

Top Four Basic Resistance Band Strength Training Exercises (video)

Basic Strength Training Workout With Weights



Cardio/Intervals/Boot Camp Fun


Six Minute Go To STUFT at Home Workout (video and it’s actually more like 8 minutes) Smile

Working It Out- Four Go-To Moves (video)

Quickie Backyard Calorie Blast

Backyard Calorie Blast with a BOSU

STUFT 10 High Intensity Workout 

10 Minute STUFT Family Circuit (video)

Boot Camp Blast 1



Treadmill Tricks


20 Minute Treadmill Interval Workout (customizable)

30 Minute Interval Workout (my favorite)

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