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STUFT 60 Challenge for Run Sixty Feet

STUFT 60 Challenge for Run Sixty Feet



The full recap from this charity event can be read HERE.

Prize winners from those who donated can be found HERE.

Here’s a little video from the news coverage of the run.


Well, originally this was going to 60 treadmill miles for Sixty Feet, but as the date is right around the corner I needed to modify a bit. Honestly though, it’s not about the number of miles really, it’s about helping the children and doing what we can do to help with Sixty Feet and their mission and the amazing work they do in remand centers in Uganda to help imprisoned children.

Bringing Hope and Restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name.


The full story of Sixty Feet can be found on their website here.

According to the most recent estimates, there are approximately 2.5 million orphans in Uganda, over a million of whom are a direct result of AIDS. In a country where the median age is only 15, as many as 1 in 6 children under the age of 17 is an orphan. These abandoned, unloved and neglected children are kept in centers where they are locked up and treated as common prisoners.

Information directly from the Run Sixty Feet website:

Sixty Feet is an action-based organization created to bring hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name. We are not referring to a figurative prison of poverty or circumstance, but real places, with real bars.

In response to what we learned about these prisons, we mobilized a team to significantly improve conditions for the little ones at all of these types of facilities in Uganda. We have met with children and heard their stories and we are doing what we can to get them released from prison – back to their families, back in school and as much as possible, back into the daily life as a child.


All the money raised by Team Sixty Feet runners, will go to provide immediate relief in the form of water, food, medical care, clothing and bedding. It will also go to providing long term restoration through educational sponsorships, justice, counseling, resettlement efforts and the love of Christ.

We want to create sustainable, long-term living arrangements for these wrongly confined children. We have so many dreams for them. We dream to bring them hope in Jesus and to restore their lives so that they, too, can dream for their future.

(The picture is from one of the actual centers Sixty Feet serves in.)


Here are the details on the STUFT 60 Challenge for Run Sixty Feet.


You can help these children and donate here towards my run.

STUFT 60 treadmill run

I know 37 miles on a treadmill is not some huge incredible feat, but it’s not really all about my run on the treadmill, it’s more about coming together to raise money for these children and this amazing charity. After not being able to run for a very long time because of my injury (the hip dysplasia thing that led to months of prolotherapy treatment and PT treatment), I was given the chance to run again. Just over six months ago I had many people and doctors tell me I should find another sport and that distance running just probably wasn’t my thing.

Well, I told myself I was going to prove them wrong and that if I could ever run again I was going to use my running to do more good, so that’s what I’m setting out to do.


We also have some awesome people that have signed up to run their own virtual “STUFT 60 Challenge” race with me.

STUFT 60 virtual revised

We definitely want as many people involved as possible and would love for you to do your own virtual race with us so feel free to jump on board.

You can do whatever you want, a run, a swim, a walk, etc. and it doesn’t matter how long or fast or anything. It will still be a part of the STUFT 60 Challenge, even at the last minute.

Email me what you plan on doing to join us or what you did.



I’m setting out to help these children.

For this little girl.

This little girl that was abandoned. Yes, this is the same girl. She had no one to care for her and she ended up at one of the remand homes (the prison). Sixty Feet was able to care for her medical needs, and provide the love and care that she so desperately needed.


For this orphan boy who is at a remand home.


And for all the other children who are also at remand homes that Sixty Feet cares for.



We are running for THEM. To make a difference in their lives.


I have some amazing companies that have donated prizes for those of you who donate to the cause. Not only will you be giving directly to charity, but you might get your hands on some of these goodies.


NuttZo has graciously offered to give the first 50 people who make a minimum donation of $60 a FREE jar of Crunchy 70% Dark Chocolate NuttZo.


How awesome is that?

In addition I also have the following products to give away:

– 1 winner will get a pair of Mizuno running shoes (winner gets to choose between Wave Inspire 10, Wave Rider 17 or Wave Hitogami)

– 1 winner will get an adjustable Handful bra

– 2 winners will get a pair of Pro Compression marathon socks

– 3 winners will get his or her Halo product of choice

– 3 winners will get a 15-count sample box of Quest Bars 

– 3 winners will get a 30-count pack of Action Wipes 

– 6 winners will get a 35.3 oz. tub of chia seeds from The Chia Company (60 day supply)


Here’s a closer look.



The two people who donate the most will get to choose his or her prize from the items listed above.

All other prizes will be given to random winners that donate $25 or more.

*To qualify for prize drawing, donations need to be received by 2/2/14 at 9:00 pm PST.


Let’s do our part to help these children of Uganda.



Here are a couple if these awesome people who are doing it all for Sixty Feet on January 31st.image_thumb


Dulcy is going to run 13 miles. She’s currently training for her first full marathon.









DSCN0101_thumbKim from Day With KT has big plans to tackle 30 (yes, 30) miles and might even go the distance and do the whole 37 with me. She is on fire.








me&kari262Marti is doing her own 10 mile treadmill run.












Christine L. will be running 15 miles on her treadmill (with an 8 month old and a 2.5 year old). She’s also running the Indy Mini Marathon in May for Sixty Feet.










Michelle is doing a whole sprint triathlon on her own (spin class, 30 minute run, and 400 meter swim).

Leah is running 12 miles as she’s training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

Shelly, who’s husband is the President of sixty Feet, is swimming 2 miles (she’s got a broken leg).

Michelle C. is running 8 miles.

Robin P. will be running her 13 miles at the New Orleans Half Marathon next Saturday.

Beth H. is running 5 miles in Montana.

Emily Q. will be running 20 miles on Saturday as a training run for the Hyannis Marathon.

Laura is going to brave the cold weather and run a minimum of 5 miles outside in PA.

Kim P. is running 20 treadmill miles.

Michele is running 7-8 miles and doing 45 minutes on the trainer.

Shelby is going to run 6 miles.


How amazing are they? You can still join us- even until the last minute!



Here’s my fundraising page to donate directly to Sixty Feet:

Kristin’s STUFT 60 Challenge 37 Mile Treadmill Run

My goal is to raise $3700 for Sixty Feet.

My run is to help raise money to meet the needs of these children and provide them with the attention and care they deserve and to also give them hope for their future.

My run day is January 31st.

My run will be on a treadmill for 37 miles. (It’s my 37th birthday and I’m not ready to take on 60 miles just yet, maybe next year.)

My run will be at a the local KUSI news station. (Special thank you in advance to Fitness Direct for supplying the treadmill.)

My run may also include walking, lots of breaks, some tears and most likely crawling the last few miles. We shall see.

Goodness help me, I hope I have raised $3700 by the time I get to 37 miles or I’ll be on that darn treadmill for even longer than planned.


Friends, let’s do this and help make a difference for these children.


Thank you in advance for joining me on this journey.


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