Facing Fears, Where I’m at With Running and Weekly Favorites (With Some Deals)


zombies ate my neighbors chainsaw   Last Sunday I wanted to run to the park to meet the hubs and the boys playing ball. The only way to get there was either a road with no sidewalk and tons of traffic or the back way by the house where that darn dog that bit me a couple months ago lives. [...]

A Productive Morning, Deep Thoughts and Random Confessions


chainsaw brands names   Happy humpy day! Woot! I’m usually not one to love Wednesdays, but I’ve had a pretty productive morning so I’m loving today. Want to know a secret? Dang you can get a lot done when you stay away from the computer and phone in the morning. Yep, had a little analog morning and it [...]

Wednesday Mishmash- BOSU Move, Spicy Roasted Kabocha and Stuff


  Whelp, I had the brilliant idea of writing a post at the crack of dawn and saving my run for after I teach spin this morning so I can do it outside as opposed to the treadmill. Not really the best decision. I can’t get my thoughts together this early and now the forecast [...]

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