Just Sharing Some News and a Sale

  Good morning! I’m so glad it’s Sunday. I make it a point to use Sunday to regroup and rest and get chores done and focus on the what I want to achieve in the next week. You too? I didn’t have plans to write a post today, but we have a little news to […]

A Toasty Run, CocoaVia in NY, Return of Jicama Chips and Sharing is Caring

  Instead of getting up early and getting out the door by 6:00 am as planned, I took things super slow this morning. It just happened. So did some backyard chicken chasing by the boys and their cousins at the crack of dawn. I’m sure our neighbors really love us. Oh yes. The boys had […]

A Soap Sale and My Least Favorite Fortune

  I got to run outside yesterday. Before I even started my run my Nike+ told me I had run my fastest marathon ever. Now that is fast. Ha. I’m not sure what happened. I guess I never finished my run the last time I used it on Monday and it was still going while […]

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