A Move For Your Week, Wishes and a Halo Anti-Freeze Giveaway


lowes husqvarna chainsaw   Why hello. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! First of all a huge shout out to Mom who drove for 6 hours today to and from my best friend’s baby shower so I could get a little work done in the car. She is the best (and the reason I’m going to bed at [...]

The Rumors Are True, SPANX For Men and Two Monday Moves


best price stihl chainsaw   I ran six miles early this morning on the treadmill. I planned on doing it first thing in the morning, but the morning didn’t go quite as planned. It rarely does. I was pressed for time so I picked up the pace to about a 7 minute mile for five miles after a warm-up [...]

Just a Day With the Boys and a BOSU Workout


husqvarna chainsaw carburetor rebuild kit   There really is something to getting up earlier before the hectic day starts. I stood outside this morning for a minute to just take a deep breath or two before getting on the treadmill. My legs were tired today. Thought about doing speed work, but talked myself out it pretty quickly. Planned on 8 [...]

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