Some Firsts and the New Float in Town


decapitated with chainsaw   So while I was deleting what seemed like a bazillion pictures that Joaquin took while driving, I found a couple really fun ones. That one just makes me smile. I love the feeling of being together on the road. It doesn’t happen all that often for us, but I feel like car time is [...]

Just a Day With the Boys and a BOSU Workout


best price stihl chainsaw   There really is something to getting up earlier before the hectic day starts. I stood outside this morning for a minute to just take a deep breath or two before getting on the treadmill. My legs were tired today. Thought about doing speed work, but talked myself out it pretty quickly. Planned on 8 [...]

Back at It and High Maintenance Eats Around San Fran


stihl ms171 chainsaw price   Last night I was back at the gym teaching classes. I made my way through. I’m not entirely sure what I said or did. Ha ha. I do know I made it home just in time to read and snuggle enough with these two. I was back at it again today with a class. [...]

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