Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Coconut Almond Latte

  So Friday mornings are the official start to the weekend around the STUFT house. Andrew is off work and if I’m not heading out for a run, we like to take things slow and enjoy the morning. Sometimes I even try to impress and make some pumpkin mocha drinks. Since it’s a new year […]

“Falling Back” into a Normal Day

  Today was a good day. I thought about writing a new smoothie recipe tonight, but as I looked back on the pictures I took today they just made me smile so, I’m going to share about our day. Okay? Okay. Thanks to daylight savings time I was up at 5:45 wide awake and excited […]

Getting by with a Latte- Dark Chocolate PB2 Latte

  This morning was a doozy. I had high hopes of waking up early and getting a million things done before the boys woke up. I managed to write a less than mediocre post and that was about it. That left me about 5 minutes to get myself and the boys ready and out the […]

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