No Bake Silk STUFT Protein Cookie

I got to do a little fun run tonight that was pretty awesome. I’ll fill you in later though since I promised to talk about the new protein cookie. Oh hey ginormous healthy protein cookie. Yep, I have just another creation with a few of my favorite things (Super Oats, Vega protein powder and Silk […]

Scattered Miles, a Cool Mask, the LOVE Reveal and Some Shares

  Yesterday I didn’t get to my run until about 4:30pm. I slept in instead of getting on the treadmill and taught a BOSU class earlier in the day, but didn’t fit in a run. Man, it’s tough to do it in the afternoon. Not my cup of tea, but that was the deal I […]

New LOVE Product Coming- Win It Before You Can Buy It GIVEAWAY

  Why hello! Did seven super slow easy treadmill miles this morning. Still a little in shock that Boston is three weeks away. I mean, that’s just crazy.   So……. I have a little special something for you. No, not a race recap from yesterday yet, but there’s something huge and important going down this […]

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