Caught Off Guard

  Happy Saturday friends! The boys are still sleeping so I thought I might be able to squeeze a quick post in (since that always works out so well). Ha! I was caught off guard recently when a new STUFT mama blog visitor made a comment about how I eat a lot of “junk food”. […]

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Well, hello! Happy Wednesday. Want to see what I found when I woke up yesterday? Someone had gotten ahold of the first aid kit in the changing table. That’s nice. Yes, those are scissors in his hand. Ugh. Luckily there were no small parts in that bag. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is safe anymore. […]

Oh My Overnight Oats

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so I think I have a good grasp on my basic overnight oat recipe. From here I’ll have to experiment a bit and try different nut butters, etc. But…….. these were delicious this morning (and I’m sure they’ll be  just as good tomorrow and the next day, and the next day…… ha […]

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