And That Time When…..

  I got dressed up and felt all special wearing my Erica Sara Designs bangle on a Saturday. I thought I’d be able to pull off going to a family wedding and then make it to The Neon Dash I had registered for months ago just in time to run the 5K. Yeah, I didn’t […]

Ghost Grinder, Artichokes and Those Moments

  So, the boys keep asking if you all have read their recap of the race with Papap. They’re pretty proud of their racing and writing skills. Ha. I hopped on the treadmill early this morning. For some reason everyone wanted to be up early today. Gotta love those mornings, right? The run felt really […]

Bob Workout, Handful Pledge and a Picnic

  Workout: Taught a noon spin class. Taught evening Y50X class (plyometric HIIT class), step aerobics and then went on a slow 4 mile jog with my friend Beth at the beach. (instagram pic)   I’m sure the people who come to my classes are getting sick of me using the same moves and music. […]

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