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Thursday “Runch” Chat Randomness

  That’s right, yes, “runch”. It’s what the cool runners do I guess. They go for a run during their lunch break from work. Did you know about this? I tried to be cool yesterday and did a little “runching”. Actually the whole runch thing wasn’t part of the plan, but I just couldn’t get […]

Huge Mistake, My Fault Obviously, I Am NOT Smarter Than the ProForm Treadmill

  So, um yeah. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. If you’ve spent 10 minutes 30 seconds with me, you already know that. The whole treadmill incline fiasco. All me. ALL ME. I’m sure that’s really impressive to the iFit ProForm folks, huh? Geeesh. I’m embarrassed.   To make things a little better […]

Xfinity Fitness Band Moves and a GIVEAWAY

  Well hello there. I’ve got a little workout for you. And another GIVEAWAY. Yep. It’s okay to be excited. He he. When I was at the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival weekend we got a chance to do a little workout with the Xfinity Fitness Band. Remember that here? Well, I was lucky […]

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