Protein Bar Round Up and a Throwback to My First IG Posts


  This morning’s run was a little tougher mentally than I had planned. My schedule I’m trying to follow called for 90 minutes easy. Well, I went at an easy pace, but it just felt like a long time in the treadmill. I’m still comparing the Polar Paul to the treadmill because I’m determined to [...]

Monday Confessions


  Well hello. I thought I’d dump a few confessions on you today. It’s always nice to start the week with a clean slate, right? I’m not sure about you, but the night after a race I like to pretend calories don’t count. When the races are local, I also usually end up eating dinner [...]

Want to Win a Box of Quest Nutrition Bars?


  Why hello. As promised, this will be right to the point. I kind of want to tell you what race I just registered for that has me a little giddy, but I won’t. I made a promise so I’ll keep it. Giveaway talk only. You’re welcome. I got a fabulous package in the mail [...]

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