Things That Just Rock Right Now

  There are quite a few, but for the interest of time for all of us I’ll just hit up the really good things at the moment. I wrote up my own training plan for the Surf City Marathon. It’s 11 weeks away so that gives me some time to build up strength and speed. […]

Potpourri of STUFT Stuff- Running, Hip Update and the Swagger Wagon

  This is a mishmash of random stuff because well, I can barely keep my eyes open, but keep wanting tp pass some news along. First of all, my favorite Starbucks drink is still amazing. I only get it when I earn enough stars for a reward, but here it is again just in case […]

Recovery, Some Solutions and Eats at Home

  Why hello. I feel like I’ve been disconnected for awhile this week. People keep asking how I’m feeling after New York and I have to stop and think about it. Was it really last week? I feel great actually and have been so busy with life stuff and other things it’s just kind of […]

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