New Family Additions and a Pro Compression Women’s Tights GIVEAWAY

  Let’s say Sunday was a pretty awesome day that started out just like this. We left the house to do some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, but other than that stayed put and hung out. Heck yes we got dressed up to go shopping. Ha ha. Kidding. Sundays are now officially laundry days. So, […]

Taking It Seriously and a Couple Tips

  Recovery that is. This week. This whole week. Just like my race pace on Saturday, things are SLOW around here, only this time it’s intentional. Yesterday the extent of my exercise was lots of hugs with these cool dudes (who were digging the sunglasses I brought back from the expo), laughs with my best […]

Fire and Ice- Hyperice GIVEAWAY

  I planned on getting on the treadmill early for some speed work this morning. I always dread speed work. I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one though. Well, the speed work or the double digit run I had planned didn’t happen. I’ve had a little pain in my right achillies the past couple […]

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