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roasted vegetables

Messing Up the Flat Kitty Roast

  Holy smokes. I just took a nap friends. A NAP!!!! I had to. It wasn’t even an option. My body and brain just gave up this afternoon and made me rest. It was glorious. I made myself this homemade café Americano when I got up. You like that bird doody on the railing? So […]

Oh Happy Day- Fun Finds, Packages and Brussel Sprouts

  Good morning friends! Yesterday was a good day. It was just one of those that makes you smile. No major catastrophes. A pretty good amount of sleep leading into it. All kinds of fun stuff. I’m hoping today will be the same, but we’re going to attempt to ditch the diapers for a significant […]

No Dairy, No Problem, More Green

  Well, well, well… I had a bunch of fun things I wanted to share, but after having to disinfect the tub at 9:00pm due to an unforeseen little incident, I’ve kind of lost my mojo for the night. Well, because of that and because tackling these piles in my office and trying to organize […]

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