Winners, Braving the Crowds and a Handful Bra GIVEAWAY

  Why hello. Long time, no blog. You’re welcome. Ha ha. Let’s see, some holiday giveaway winners first. (I use to choose winners from the comments.)   The winner of the Creamy Chocolate NuttZo giveaway is: #70 Heather (Where’s the Beach) The winner of the Halo Giveaway is: #21 cassie b #29 Jessica B. […]

Prolotherapy and Places to Be

  I’m having a hard time concentrating at the moment. I’m exhausted and haven’t had any real or artificial sugar ALL DAY. That’s a big thing for me. I kind of feel like I’m in detox. I have a feeling I might get a little grumpy in about an hour or so. Is that normal? […]

I Need a Bigger Bowl

  Thursdays workouts: AM- 7.5 run on the treadmill- 6 of the miles were at 7:03 mile pace. It was a little rough. I’m pretty sure I called myself “honey” in my head at least 4 times. You know, like “honey, just keep your butt on the treadmill”, “honey, you can do this”, etc. You […]

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