LOVE Winner and Changing Times

  I totally forgot to announce the Love Grown Foods GIVEAWAY winner. Chosen by, the winner is:   Hey hey hey! Tracy- email me your mailing information so we can get your special Love O’s package to you. Look at that, you get this awesome package coming your way for no real reason! He […]

The Best Valentine’s Face, Hyperice Winner and If You’re Going to Have a Bar

  Taught a couple classes at the gym last night. One was a HIIT class. We started class with this circuit:   Twisted burpees (I got them from Kim’s blog post yesterday and they’re awesome) Burpees with a quick hop forward and back in between each one Switch lunge hops Touch down jacks Fast feet/down […]

Not Too Much To Say Today, But Some Thoughts

  Weird, right? I usually want to talk about anything and everything, but not today. Made it on the treadmill before 5:30 am today. This was my view. Yep, back on to Parenthood. The only TV I watch during the day is while I’m on the treadmill. If I was cool and had a little […]

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