Coming Out of Hiding and Tips to Get Out of Bed and Workout in the Morning


stihl chainsaw fuel mixture   Its about time, isn’t it? I don’t even remember when I last posted and there’s way too much to even possibly catch up on, so l guess I’ll just kind of fill you in on the important stuff like the yummy things I’ve been eating. Epic Bars, the new KIND bars in Caramel Almond [...]

Weekend Happenings and Delicious Baked Apples


solo chainsaws australia   Hello! Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day! It was low key around here since Mom and I decided that our trip to Boston was our big Mother’s Day gift to each other. I kind of want to go back. Maybe next year….. But we are so darn lucky to have Mom and Tutu [...]

Foam and Fun Gym Machines


echo chainsaw cases   I know I said I’d talk spin, but I didn’t really do anything now or exciting in my class last night and rushed off before getting to do any silly selfies. I did play Cotton Eye Joe for some sprints which wasn’t really part of the plan. Everyone went really hard though, probably in [...]

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