Sunday Funday, Cut Back Weeks and Monday Motivation

  Happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I actually kind of wish we had one more day, but oh well, that’s life. Mondays just come even if we’re not truly ready for them. We got a late start to the morning, but the extra hour of sleep was so worth it. There are […]

Weekend Snapshots and a Deep Thought

  Good morning! How was your weekend?   We’re playing catch up today on pretty much everything, so this will be quick. Like, really quick. My friend Erin and I ran the Del Mar Athleta Iron Girl 10K yesterday. I’m sure you can tell we were in full race mode. We were in it to […]

Fly Like an Eagle and What to Do When You’re Back in the Same Place on a Monday

  Well hello. Happy Monday. Nothing like a little burnt espresso to start the day, yes? Lovely. I told myself I’m not really going to blog this morning because I had some computer issues last night that took a heck of a lot of time to fix, so I ended up doing that rather than […]

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